Petra Bauersachs

Mrs Bauersachs made TC into a Peer to Peer technology leader:

●  First live TV transmission via peer to peer network Cybersky (“reviewed in “The New York Times” 2004). Auto-scale without limits, serving millions of concurrent users without bandwidth costs. Licensed e.g. to

●  2017: First 100% anonymous and unstoppable filesharing / link-selling system with

●  2018: ICO and a blockchain based transaction database for

Former milestones of TC

Live TV Ad-Blocking

●  First live TV ad blocker Telefairy 1995-2001 (own set top box hardware)

●  Android based STB ( since 2013

●  2016: Tizen / Android TV app, gatekeeper release pending

Anonymous and innovative payment / encryption systems

●  First In-Page Micropayment system in 2003

●  Unique File-Encryption system (.otrkey), used over 42 million times

●  2015: Anonymous payment system (client-server based)

Experienced in scalability

●  Since 2005 lead developer for middle-size offshore websites from scratch

●  Maintaining more than 150 servers in 6 datacenters worldwide (USA,

Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Spain)

●  12 websites and more than 500K users, including payment and support

●  Serving up to 1% of German web traffic

Faster to market

●  In 2004 we were two years ahead of bittorrent in live streaming. Our flash based solution didn`t need additional software to install

●  2016: One of two companies worldwide supporting HTML5-P2P-Live-TV with VP9 codec

Persistent Legal Department

Vital for disruptive game changing technologies.

●  Sued by all three major German TV broadcasters

●  Triumphed at highest German court (BGH) 6/2004

●  Sued by major European Pay TV operator Premiere (now Sky) 2004, pending at

European court

●  2005 claim for damages successful confirmed by court

●  Highly experienced in European and international copyright law

●  Reliable, over 23 years in business: – 1995 co-founded by the German

government, later founded as stock corporation 2/1998, listed at FSE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

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