Valerie Prasetyo

VALERIE PRASETYO is a cryptocurrency and property investor, success strategist and
international speaker, whose mission is to create a better life for the future generations and help
people create a passive wealth through investments in crypto and other digital assets.
She turns winners into champions – she knows exactly what it takes to go from the bottom to the
top and shares the basic principles of success in her speeches, seminars and in an upcoming
As a world-class speaker, Valerie shared stages with A-list celebrities like John Travolta and Mel
Gibson, as well as business tycoons like Hugh Hilton and Steve Wozniak.
Educating and working with hundreds of investors from five continents, she also empowers women
in blockchain industry through providing them with the essential knowledge and tools to build up a
successful investment business.
Everything she does, she does with excellence. During her speeches, she moves, motivates and
inspires the audience because of her style of presenting, direct communication and humble
manner. Holding an MBA degree, her variety of experience reaches from working for international
banks, owning and directing multiple businesses to being rewarded as a world champion athlete.
Valerie was featured in international business magazines as an outstanding entrepreneur, as well
as in many sport – related magazines and newspapers as a high performance athlete.

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