Luca Burlando

COO of Crypto Real Estate AG, a PropTech startup that not only creates a blockchain-based investment software but is launching the first real estate cryptocurrency trading platform as well. Fully regulated and compliant, it will offer a place for real estate asset tokens to be traded. Linking them to real estate ensures downside protection while retaining the unlimited upside potential of traditional cryptocurrencies. This makes the token an ideal store of value, eventually supplanting the way investments in real estate are made.
Luca Burlando comes from a traditional financial background. After his time at Credit Suisse and Société Générale on the derivatives desk, he joined a family office in Asia. There he oversaw the build-up of a new F&B venture and the acquisition of an Italian luxury brand. Fascinated by the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Luca moved back to the Crypto Valley to be at the forefront of the developments in this space

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